Are you ready to join me on a skin healing journey that’s different than anything you’ve done before?


Hi I’m Dr. Michelle Jeffries. I’m a Board-Certified Dermatologist and I’m also board-certified in Pediatric Dermatology and Integrative Medicine. And you may not know this, but I also have a Masters degree in Psychology. I know, a little nerdy of me to be triple board-certified and have a masters degree, but let me explain.

Let’s start with the skin. I think the skin is the most amazing part of our body and I love learning about how it works and interacts with the rest of the body.  Even when I was little, I used to sit with the encyclopedia of the human body on my lap while watching cartoons! Our encyclopedia had an insert with several layered clear pages and with each page you turned you would reveal a deeper layer of the human body.  The first layer was the skin, next page was all of the muscles, then the organs, then the blood vessels and then the nerves, etc. I couldn’t wait to learn how it all worked and I just knew I was going to be a doctor……”


  • Calm your mind, connect with your inner wisdom and find your inner peace and serenity
  • Nourish your body with clean nutrition and discover herbal remedies & supplements to help heal your skin
  • Connect with the heart and soul of your beauty that comes from within
  • Tips and advice on clean skincare products to enhance your natural beauty

Start your journey for meaningful changes in your mind, body, spirit and skin care

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