One of the consistent rhythms around us, besides the circadian rhythm, is the moon’s monthly cycle. Whether it is a cosmic power or simply a symbol passed down for thousands of years – there’s no denying the moon’s impact on us.

For thousands of years, people have followed the moon cycles closely and synchronized their life with the moon. We have planted and harvested during specific lunar phases, planned festivals and holy days around it, and now you can align your skincare with the moon.

Let’s take a closer look at how the moon’s cycle impacts your skincare. Or what I refer to as the MoonClock…


The MoonClock

Like the Chinese Body Clock, the moon is another natural clock that can help guide your skin health. Besides the sun, the moon is one of the most dominant and energetic forces in the universe, so it only makes sense to align our skincare routines with it.


Commonly referred to as lunar skincare, the MoonClock skincare method allows us to follow the moon’s phases to enhance our skin’s ability to receive nutrients and expel toxins. The MoonClock is an invitation to develop an awareness that we are part of something much bigger and are connected by nature and the world around us.


Cycles Of the Moon

A complete lunar cycle is approximately 29.5 days and includes four main phases. The lunar cycle and phases are based on how much of the moon is reflected by the sun and are dependent on where the moon is located between the Earth and the Sun.


The cycles of the moon are broken into four, week long phases, including: 

New Moon. A time when the moon is not reflecting light to the Earth, and it is not visible in the sky.

Waxing Moon. The phases between the New and Full Moon. This phase consists of the Waxing Crescent, the First Quarter, and the Waxing Gibbous. During this phase, the moon gets bigger with each passing day moving from a crescent shape to more than half illuminated. 

Full Moon. A time when the moon is fully lit by the sun occurring approximately two weeks after the New Moon.

Waning Moon. After the Full Moon, less and less light reflects off the moon, which is the Waning Moon phase. It consists of the Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, and the Waning Crescent. The moon is getting smaller during this phase, moving from less than a Full Moon back to the New Moon. 


The Connection Between the MoonClock and Your Body

The connections between the moon cycle and the body have been referenced since ancient times, some of it folklore and some of it backed by science. For example, research has shown that the moon cycle can impact our sleep cycle, impacting our mood, and stress levels, and triggering inflammation in our body and skin. 

You may have noticed that when the moon is full, you tend to sleep less or have more restless sleep. 

Some women even find that their menstrual cycles align with the moon phases. In ancient times, many women noted whether their bleeding occurred at the same time as certain phases of the moon – hence the name ‘moon cycle.’ During those times, they developed some interesting names in reference to different colors to help keep track of their cycle, including:

White Moon. When a woman has her period on the New Moon and ovulates on the Full Moon.

Red Moon. When a woman has her period on the Full Moon and ovulates on the New Moon.

Pink Moon. When a woman has her period when the moon is Waxing.

Purple Moon. When a woman has her period when the moon is Waning.

If you are not menstruating, the MoonClock can be a helpful guide to align with the energy of the various phases of the month. You can start with any of the phases, but I suggest you start with the New Moon and follow along.


A MoonClock Skincare Guide

Observing the MoonClock method in your holistic skin health journey is a magnificent tool to connect your body with nature’s natural, universal rhythm. It helps you develop the awareness that you are part of something much bigger. And that you are connected by nature and the world around you.


While the most vital periods of the lunar cycle are the New Moon and Full Moon, you can begin a lunar skin health journey at any time. 

As a general rule, think of the New and Waxing Moons as a time to nourish and feed the skin, whereas the Full and Waning moons are a time for purification and exfoliation. 


Here is a guide to help care for your skin following the MoonClock method.

New Moon

The new moon is the start of the lunar cycle, providing us with an opportunity to start fresh. It’s not uncommon to feel invigorated and vibrant during this phase, making it an ideal time to try a new skincare product or enrich your skin with a nourishing face mask

Waxing Crescent

We are still feeling energized from the New Moon, making this phase an ideal time to embrace the radiance of our skin. Try using products that mirror your internal glow and leave you feeling revitalized. A firming eye cream or facial spray will help awaken the skin and keep it fresh.

First Quarter

The energy from the New Moon is starting to decrease, leaving our skin feeling dry. Hydration is critical during this phase. I recommend a facial moisturizer focused on tightening and brightening skin.

Waxing Gibbous

This is the last phase before the Full Moon bringing an opportunity to release any toxins your skin has been holding. Begin to slow down and reflect on the energy from the last few weeks. Try some gentle exfoliation during this phase but don’t overdo it.

Full Moon

The Full Moon marks the culmination of the lunar cycle, bringing powerful emotional and physical effects. Give your skin a break during the Full Moon. Instead, try a warm bath to help clear your mind and ease physical ailments. 

Waning Gibbous

We’ve crossed the metaphoric peak, and it’s time to relax. I recommend keeping your skincare simple during this phase. Focus on products that help build a healthy glow and condition skin, like a green tea mask

Last Quarter

Our bodies are slowly settling back down during this phase. Keeping your skincare routine simple will help you identify what is or isn’t working. Gentle cleansers or detox masks are ideal for letting your skin settle. 

Waning Crescent

The lunar cycle is coming to a close, offering you the opportunity to honor your achievements. Our skin likely needs one last push for nourishing hydration before the process begins again.


The SkinClock Method

By applying the inspirations that come from your inner radiance and aligning them with the cycles of nature, you can manifest a beautiful new version of yourself. Your inner radiance shines brighter as you become brilliantly aligned with the beauty within and around you.

Are you ready to learn more about lunar skincare and the MoonClock? 

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